365 Project Diary

31/365 – Love is…  30th July 2013


Love is the root of all I wish for you in abundance as you start this new chapter in your life…

Another day with my grandson and another park and a return to Adinkra. This symbol looks and reminds me of a flower so I went with that including the meaning before drawing in more symbols and branches and leaves. I just love to draw leaves, for the longest time.

It wasn’t until I’d posted the sketch with the message I realised that it is quite similar to a previous post using this symbol. This is one I quite like – I can work with it.

30/365 – In solitude…  26th July 2013

In solitude there is peace
and time to just be…

This was a really quick sketch drawn one day when I was out with my grandson in a place where lots of people were relaxing. It was a really hot sunny day and on the grass many were in groups and a few were on their own as this person was.

It’s something I like to do every now and again which is one reason I carry a sketchbook everywhere.

29/365 – Child of Mother Nature…  24th July 2013

Child of Mother Nature,
More Love on your day,
Flowing like a river,
Coming your way…

More sketching around an Adrinka symbol. It was just aimless drawing, seeing what would come out. Sometimes it works but not so sure about this one. The title and the message were not really thought out properly because I didn’t want to take up a lot of time. I have to remind myself that these are just ideas so don’t get too hung up on how well a sketch and message turn out.


28/365 – Love in abundance…  23rd July 2013

Love in abundance
is what I wish for a
Woman of Strength and Beauty,
A woman such as you…

Now this is definitely one of my favourite sketches so far. It includes Adinkra symbols from Ghanaian culture which I think will be used to decorate my future art more in future. The meaning of the symbols inspires the message.

27/365 – Bringing you flowers…  22nd July 2013

Bringing you flowers is just a small display…

I stopped there with the message because I was in danger of getting a bit cheesy. I didn’t have time to think of something better as I just wanted to get it posted. A friend of mine quoted the dangers of procrastination and also I didn’t want to miss a day so soon after getting back on track.

It was getting dark and I forgot I had a better photo already on my Facebook page

I could change it… maybe I will, maybe not.

26/365 – Respect and Love…  21st July 2013

Respect and Love

I have, for you

My True Friend.

The sketch blog took a hit as other things took priority. I still drew and sketched but not everyday. Really if you look at the posting dates I was barely managing a sketch a week. Then I was not feeling creative enough to even come up with messages.

Anyway this is one of the sketches I did during those weeks. Another African theme with a very basic message – you could call it a word sketch.

25/365 – Gardening is a pleasure…  28th April 2013

You cultivate happiness all around
just like the gardener you are.

The warmer spring weather and lengthening days inspired this sketch. So good to get back into the garden after such a long cold winter and early spring. It was also an exercise in using less ink with my colours, something I didn’t like about the previous sketch. Great for a gardener’s special card.

24/365 – A rose for…  7th April 2013

Better days are coming,
on this you can depend,
and anytime you need a hand,
just call on me, your friend

Another experiement with a frame, feeling the promise of warmer and better days. The message is intended as a supportive few words for a friend or family member going through a tough time. I reworked this sketch for a bespoke birthday card but I think it will work better as a printed art card rather than as a handmade card.

23/365 – Sorry to hear…  4th April 2013

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly…

When I sat down to do this sketch I had two family members who were coincidentally going through surgery and facing a period of recovery.

Get Well Soon greeting card

Get Well Soon

In fact I liked this idea so much I actulally made two cards using this sketch.

Get Well Soon greeting card (tulips)

Get Well Soon (tulips)

What do you think?

22/365 – African skies…  23rd March 2013

African skies through African eyes. ..

I couldn’t think of a better message for this sketch – definitely needs more work. However the sketch just came out of a drawing I did many years ago and is the kind of image I rarely if ever see on a greeting card. Then again that is how I got into making greeting cards in the first place.

21/365 – Mother’s Day…  10th March 2013

Thinking of you
and wishing you comfort,
knowing that your mother is fondly remembered
with tears and smiles every day,
even more on Mothers Day…

I actually sketched this a couple of days ago as noted by the date for the entry. I started this 365 project while dealing with health issues. Now I’m back on the day job and this sketch is the first one done during a lunch break. It’s not always easy to think of a message to partner my sketches but I think this works.

20/365 – A rose for…  6th March 2013

A rose for your smile,
to bring you joy
and love
on Your Special Day…

I actually sketched this a couple of days ago as noted by the date for the entry. I started this 365 project while dealing with health issues. Now I’m back on the day job and this sketch is the first one done during a lunch break. It’s not always easy to think of a message to partner my sketches but I think this works.

19/365 – Every day you…  4th March 2013


Every day you got that
Music in your ears
Everywhere you go, you got
Music in your ears…

I love you
As much as you love that
Music in your ears.

A simple drawing of a young teen listeing to music through headphones. The message is a little poem suitable for a teen birthday card that needs a little more work before I’ll use it for one of my card designs.

18/365 – LORD is near…  3rd March 2013

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit PSALMS 34:18

Drawn on a Sunday which found me filled with thoughts of loved ones who are no longer here. To be truthful I got a glimmer of an idea for this drawing earlier in the week but did not sketch it straight away. I found the quote from a website, one of many that offer suitable bible quotes on a theme. I decided a bible quote was a fitting message to go with this sketch.

17/365 – Chanting Love…  2nd March 2013

Chanting Love
Chanting Peace
Chanting out a Blessing
from the Heart…

The theme of the sketch is Nyahbinghi chanting, tradition of Rastafari. One of the reasons for designing and making my own greeting cards was to make cards for those who are not often represented. Those who can relate to all the elements of this drawing will not need it to be explained. The message echoes the theme echoing the tradition.

16/365 – In the garden…  1st March 2013


In the garden is where I expect to find you…

It’s St. David’s Day and spring is on it’s way sometime soon. Daffodils is an obvious theme. I thought of putting a few in the grass at the foot of the tree but then I thought let’s go down the gardening route. That’s where I need to be myself. getting too comfy sitting and sketching. Definitlely a gardener theme for this message and sketch.

15/365 – Life is like..  28th February 2013

Life is like a butterfly…

The hint of spring shining through my window inspired the butterfly attempt. Another first but certainly not the last. That’s the good thing about doing this roject. I am trying to do things I’ve never attempted before. I’m hoping that I might even iimprove and doing some stunning work befor eI ger to skecth 365.

I hand to colour this one, bright and cheering for the hope of spring,,, The text comes from a theme tune for a favourite 80’s comedy programme starring Wendy Craig who just happened to be on Doctors (BBC1 1.45pm) earlier this week. Maybe that was the real inspiration…

14/365 – Love mi Bredren…  27th February 2013

Love mi Bredren,
My Kingman and Friend.
More Irieness, more Love
and more Power and Strength…

Well seeing as I posted a sistren yesterday it was probably inevitable that I do a male equivalent. I’ve never tired to draw a Boboshanti before so I looked at a few photos  first. It is just a simple line drawing that could be used as a stamp . The text is a little poem form a woman to her man as I’m assuming more women buy cards for men. I’m right ain’t I?

13/365 – Respect and Love…  26th February 2013

Respect and Love Sistren, Greetings on your Earthstrong

I started skecthing this day before while sat in a hospital waiting room. Later on I worked on a little more but decided not use ink for a change. Okay I was scared to mess it up. Looking at itnow I wished  i spent a little more time on it before posting. The text is a simple birthday (earthstrong) message.

12/365 – Your birthday forecast…  25th February 2013

#messageandsketch 12/365

#messageandsketch 12/365

Your birthday forecast: Sunshine kisses and showers of blessings…

I’ve got birthdays on the brain because I’m in the midst of family birthday season – one almost every week. I was thinking of my mum who is approaching one of those milestone birthdays, when I drew this sketch but the message is universal.

11/365 – It’s been a while…  24th February 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Just thought I’d like you to know how much I’m thinking of you…

This sketch betrays the reason for really missing a day this time. Spent much of the previous day in an A&E department, my second in another hospital in as many days. This meant a necessary break in the daily project. The sketch was worked and completed around these days. However I do like the blooms. I’m going to work on it.

10/365 – When I needed…  22nd February 2013

When I needed to talk, your ears listened. When I needed a hug, your arms held…

Well it was after midnight when I finally got a sketch done for my daily project so technically I missed a day. The previous day was focussed on family stuff so the sketch and text are very basic. Usually I photograph my drawings in natural light but this one was scanned being so late.

9/365 – When I think…  20th February 2013

9_365_whenithinkWhen I think of the old days, I smile when I think of you. When I remember happy days we spent just doing what we do.

Took a little effort today to come up with an idea. The text led to the image of two old friends, or sisters maybe? I might repeat this one with a different image, two men for example.

8/365 – You’re so special…  19th February 2013

You’re so special, feel the love from me, through these few words…

The phrase needs work but it’s a good start to work from. The heart is what flowed from my pencil as I started working on the blank page of my sketchbook. Then came the pair of tulis and then the rest. It just came out the way you see it. Think I’ll redo this one in colour.

7/365 – Let’s meet up…  17th February 2013

Let’s meet up for a catch up…

Am I running out of ideas or is the inital excitement dying down? Nothing jumped out at me today. I chose this phrase to illustrate as it offered an obvious image. No point in making things hard for myself. There’s a lot of time to get better at this.

One good thing though is I am already drawing more often in my sketchbook, working on images that take a little more time than I spend on these sketches.

6/365 – What we like…  16th February 2013

#messageandsketch bw6/365

#messageandsketch bw6/365

What we like about birthday’s…

The phrase and the idea for the image just popped in my head. When my children were little I used bubble writing to decorate their birthday cards. Don’t know why I never thought of doing this for my own handmade cards before now. The ink drawing is coloured with colouring pencils.

5/365 – Sorry to hear…  15th February 2013

Sorry to hear of the passing of your pet, I know you’ll miss them loads…

Yesterday my mum’s cat died after a long happy life of 17 years. The event required a tribute and as my own cat lay curled up on her current favourite cushion, I did this little sketch. First time I’ve ever tried drawing her actually. I’m going to miss my mum’s cat Alizz and her beautiful green eyes..

4/365 – Is it RUDE…?  14th February 2013

Is it still consodered RUDE to ask your age?

I took the text from the growing collection of random jottings. Doing this project motivates me to write and there’s no pressure as the rule is I must write freely. I became fixated on this phrase for some reason. Couldn’t think of an image to go with it though. I might do this one more than once. Then I got the idea of a  tray of cupcakes, but I meant it to show a lot more cupakes. I do like the drawing though but looks like another one to review Not totally happy with this combination.

3/365 – Thank you Mum… 12th February 2013

Thank you Mum for all the things you thought I took for granted. I know better now.

Drawn on the same day as #2. Text taken from random jottings which I’ll use through the 365 project. Simple line drawing. Decided that I may draw another image for text of #1 and any other through the project.

2/365 – You are beautiful… 12th February 2013

You are beautiful in body and soul…

This time I didn’t finish writing the text before starting the drawing. I just felt compelled to draw this woman with her natural hair style, insppired by a post I’d recently seen on Facebook!

1/365 – Thinking of you… 11th Febraury 2013

Thinking of you always, loving you always.

This is my first attempt at drawing an image to go with a random piece of text. Quite pleased with the result even though the message is a bit cheesy.


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